Bonus Issue: Funding for Environmental Projects

Do you have a project to help the environment? There's funding available.


Foundation grants tend to be smaller than federal grants, and their applications are generally less rigorous. It’s still important to find the right fit for your project. If your project is a good match for the foundation’s goals, applying could be worth your time.

  • The David & Lucile Packard Foundation offers conservation and science grants in Climate, Ocean, Land, Science, and Agriculture, Livelihoods, & Conservation. Read the program descriptions and if your project is aligned, submit a 500-word summary here to determine the Foundation’s interest. Nonprofits are eligible.

  • The National Fish & Wildlife Foundation offers electronic monitoring and reporting grants. These grants offer the fishing industry electronic technologies to track and report catches. Faster, more accurate reporting will help advance NOAA’s sustainable fisheries goal. Grants range from $200,000 to $500,000. There will be an applicant webinar on May 4, 2021, and the proposal deadline is June 16, 2021. Municipalities, nonprofits, tribal governments, corporations, and others are eligible.

  • The Earth Journalism Network offers reporting grants to Indigenous journalists. The goal is to support in-depth stories that call attention to climate justice, biodiversity, sustainable ecosystems, and other Indigenous rights and well-being issues. Grants are up to $1,250 each. The deadline is December 3, 2021.

  • The Save Our Seas Foundation will launch its Spring 2021 small grant applications soon. The foundation offers small grants for research, conservation, and education projects worldwide. These grants average about $5,000. Projects should integrate at least two of these components and focus on charismatic marine megafauna, particularly sharks, rays, and skates. Watch this page for small grant announcements.

Government Grants

Large federal grants typically have rigorous application and reporting requirements. However, some small federal grants have a brief, simple application process. Look closely at the request for applications to see whether your project fits the criteria and whether your organization can meet the deadline.

  • National Science Foundation’s Seed Fund: Seed grants for corporations developing environmental technologies are available. The process starts with a brief project pitch to determine interest by the Seed Fund. Corporations are eligible.

  • Environmental Protection Agency: The EPA offers grants for multiple program types, including air quality, environmental justice, and pollution prevention. States, tribal governments, and nonprofits are eligible, depending on the program type.

  • USDA Agriculture & Food Research Initiative: Grants for environmental research in multiple areas related to agriculture. Letters of intent for soil health and water quality & quantity programs are due June 10, 2021. Municipalities, tribal governments, land grant institutions, and nonprofits are eligible.